Affordable and Functional Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Solutions

speed cushions and tables

Speed Cushions
Speed Tables

Trade name ROAD KOP. The industry leader in speed cushions, offers a vast selection of durable speed cushions and speed tables. With their modular unit design, they can be altered to meet all location requirements. Designed to reduce vehicle speeds to under 25 mph and has minimal, if any, effect on Emergency Vehicle response time. Installation hardware is included.

Speed Bumps
Speed Humps

Trade name SPEED BREAKERS. Designed to reduce vehicle speeds to under 10, 15 or 20 mph. Their 24" modular units can be rapidly assembled into longer lengths for full or partial lane, road, alley or driveway width installations. Available with optional embedded Cat Eye or Pavement Marker reflectors. Installation hardware is included.

Flexible Curbing

Trade name FLEX KURB. This product aligns itself to form a curb to fit difficult situations. Tough enough to withstand a multitude of impacts and extreme weather conditions and flexible enough to meet a 10 ft. radius. Ideal for creating traffic circles, chicanes, bike lanes, park, pedestrian or trail pathways, etc. Available with optional flexible delineators. Installation hardware is included.

ADA Detectable
Warning Systems

Trade names ARMOR-TILE and ACCESS TILE. North America's leading ADA compliant tactile systems. Widely specified for ADA Curb Ramps, Wheelchair Ramps, Handicap and Barrier Free Ramps. Approved by TxDOT, Cal-Trans and numerous DOT's throughout USA.

Driver Feed-Back
Radar Systems

Trade name RADARSIGN™. AC, Battery or Solar Powered. Constructed with a rugged design for a long trouble free life. Includes safety features that allow easy operation and at the same time, effectively slows traffic down to safer levels. This highly acclaimed product typically provides a 30% to 60% increase in compliance to posted speed limits.