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Flex Kurb is ideal for permanent or temporary applications and where a cost effective, high-level visibility, extremely durable and maintenance free product is required.

Installs quickly in all weather conditions without heavy duty equipment or large crews. Tough enough to withstand a multitude of impacts and extreme weather conditions and flexible enough to meet a 6 ft. radius or more. Modular sections are connected together with our Dual Flange Connectors (included) forming a sturdy curb structure. The semi-ridged Flex Kurb can be curved to meet nearly all location conditions. Pre-formed mitered angled corners, i.e. 45, 60, 90, etc., or other angles are available.

Flex Kurbs are ideal for:
Traffic Calming / Traffic Circles / Traffic Medians / Traffic Islands / Traffic Chokers / Traffic Chicanes / Traffic Lane Dividers / Bike Lane Separators / Pedestrian Walkways / Hike and Bike Trails / Parkway Paths / Parking Stalls / Parking Garage Ramps / Parking Lots / Playgrounds / Rest Areas 

Looking for more options?
Visit a local distributor or call us at (972) 623-9885  to learn more.

Online orders are only available for shipping to Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas. If you would like to ship a Speed Breaker outside of these states, please visit a local distributor or call us at (972) 623-9885 to order.

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