Road Kare International


  • Speed Humps
    & Speed Tables

  • The industry leader in speed cushions, offers a vast selection of durable speed cushions and speed tables. With their modular unit design, they can be altered to meet all location requirements. Designed to reduce vehicle speeds to under 25 mph and has minimal, if any, effect on Emergency Vehicle response time. Installation hardware is included.

  • Speed Bumps

  • Designed for suggested traffic of 10, 15 or 20 mph. Their 24" modular units can be rapidly assembled into longer lengths for full or partial lane, road, alley or driveway width installations. Available with optional embedded Cat Eye or Pavement Marker reflectors. Installation hardware is included.

  • Flexible Curbing

  • This product aligns itself to form a curb to fit difficult situations. Tough enough to withstand a multitude of impacts and extreme weather conditions and flexible enough to meet a 6 ft. radius or more. Ideal for creating traffic circles, chicanes, bike lanes, park, pedestrian or trail pathways, etc. Available with optional flexible delineators. Installation hardware is included.

  • Parking Blocks
    & Wheel Stops

  • Created and constructed as a safer and more functional alternate to concrete or rubber products, Kar Stops exemplify the newest design technology in parking blocks and wheel stops. Kar Stops include new improvements, safety and optional features not found elsewhere.