About Road Kare International

Road Kare International has been active in providing quality and functional Traffic Calming products since 1998 with our initial offering of a recycled rubber speed cushion. All our products are made in the U.S.A. using a proprietary durable enhancement formula of U.S. recycled rubber and binders. Our molds have been precisely milled to ensure a distinctive, smooth finish and consistent module dimensions, the later of which greatly aids unit alignments. This “snug-fit” of modules reduces installation time and facilitates expansion or configuration variations to meet nearly any location requirement.

One of the best methods of slowing drivers is to place something in their path. Our durable Speed Cushions and Speed Breakers accomplish that task. Our Speed Cushions and Speed Breakers with their long-lasting reputation, module unit concept, versatility and ease of installation, remain one of the most sought after traffic calming products.

We still manufacture that initial TCP series speed cushion and have also added several other styles. Our RKP series speed cushion has been designed to reduce installation time and offers even more versatility to meet the increasing demands of today’s traffic calming market. Road closures are not necessary when installing any of our speed cushions. Our Speed Breakers brand of speed bumps and humps and our Flex Kurb products utilize the same modular concepts, engineering standards, material formula and precise manufacturing procedures.

We also offer products manufactured by others that not only have a fit with our traffic calming and pedestrian safety solution programs, these manufacturers also have similar philosophies of providing consistent, quality workmanship; responsive service, technical support and exceptional professionalism in conducting business.

We continue to research various market needs and will be announcing new product additions from time to time. Please keep in touch with us or send us your contact information and we will forward these announcements.

Thank you for visiting us today and please come back often. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate in contacting us.