Road Kop – Series 2




Download Instructions, Data Sheets & Configurations

Road Kop Technical Data Sheet
Installation Instructions for Road Kop
Road Kop Configuration Chart
Road Kop Tech Data Sheet for 78″ x 80″ | for 78″ x 120″

cushions_rkp2_rightRoad Kop – Series 2

The 10 pc or 15 pc modular Road Kop series is just another example of the Road Kare’s design team talent in providing solutions to meet customer needs.

This number one selling series has fewer modules than our TCP series. This reduces installation time yet permits a greater variety of layouts to meet location and customer requirements.

Our exclusive Arrowhead markings are more in compliance with newer MUTCD suggestions and the new shape easily allows for multiple arrowheads which helps to increase driver awareness of the cushion and more clearly identifies a driver direction path.

Minimal Effect if any, on Emergency Vehicle Response Time

Two Sizes:

10 Modules – 78″ x 80″

16 Modules – 78″ x 120″

Individual Modules
16″ x 40″ (nominal)
Ramp Modules (40″)
Slope 10:1 at 24″


 RKC Series 2 also available with No Arrows

cushions_rkp2_middle1cushions_rkp2_middle2cushions_rkp2_left1 cushions_rkp2_left2   cushions_rkp2_left3