Road Kop – Series 3 Speed Tables




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Road Kop Technical Data Sheet
Installation Instructions for Road Kop
Tech Data Sheet for 19’10 x 10′ | for 22’6 x 13’4 | for 27.8′ x 16.7′


RKC-Series3The RKC series is proving itself to be one the most versatile and effective speed reducing devices. The modular system allows a multitude of configurations to be created for any location.

Speed tables are fashioned by connecting multiple 16″ x 40″ modules to increase the width and/or length of our RKP series speed cushions.

There are virtually few limits to the overall speed table sizes that can be formulated to fit location requirements and special speed reduction needs.

The RKP series speed tables also allow more areas for our high visibility Directional Arrows which increases traffic flow, driver lane identification and awareness of this speed reducer.

Ideal for full road, alley, sentry, security or lot entry coverage, Road Kop Speed Tables can be configured to meet your needs.

100% Made in U.S. A. Complies with ARRA 2009 and Buy America Acts

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