TCP – Series 1




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Download TCP Technical Data Sheet fro 75″ x 78″
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cushions_advancewarningmarkingsTCP – Series 1

Our original 1998 entry, this 12 pc module cushion still remains today as one of the most widely recognized styles throughout north America. It’s original design using a single white triangle marking coupled with its expansion capabilities broke the barriers as a replacement for asphalt cushions.

Utilizing recycled rubber and that all dimensions, particularly a 3″ height, could be consistently maintained added to its attraction. We have since expanded our business and our line of speed cushions and speed tables to include our RKP Series.

After all these years, and many competitive knock-offs, the TCP series has continued it’s strong growth and repeat business.

Minimal Effect if any, on Emergency Vehicle Response Time

12 Modules – 75″ x 78″ 

Weight 530Lbs

Individual Modules
12″ x 40″ (nominal)
Ramp Modules (40″)
Slope 10:1 at 24″





cushions_tcp1_middle1 cushions_tcp1_middle2cushions_tcp1_left1cushions_tcp1_left2cushions_tcp1_left3